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Almurjan Restaurant

Hasco Diving Resort always wanted that sweet destination restaurant where you could spend an afternoon hanging out with Cold & Warm  beverages and great food. Designing the resort, we realized we had the ideal place to build dream. Somewhere loved by guests, locals, and we just passing through. Welcome to the Almurjan restaurant.

Almurjan restaurant is spacious, right next to an incredibly infinity pool with a nice view to the beach. We built a place that felt just right – whether you are hanging by the pool after a day of diving, or having a formal occasion like a wedding or just stopping by.

Guests always have a large choice of food at Almurjan Restaurant. The restaurant offers favorite local and international menus in an elegant decoration yet casual atmosphere.
Garden Coffee

Start your day with a cup of coffee and a bite at the Garden Coffee, located in the resort. Serving all-day essentials that are perfect to grab and go, the menu includes a variety of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, croissants, Pizza and delicious Ice Cream!

Marine Gallery

learning the amazing diversity of marine life to exploring the beautiful coral habitats, you will have a better understanding of the marine ecosystem through our Marine Gallery.

Sea Garden

Hasco Diving Resort doesn’t get more atmospheric than its Sea Garden the Beach Lounge. Whether enjoying a casual lunch, a relaxing drink or a romantic dinner, this is one of the most stunning dining locations on the Aquaba Sea. The main highlights are sunset cocktails – absolutely breathtaking!

With its stunning views on the Aquaba Sea, a mouthwatering variety of dishes and an endless selection of drinks and cocktails, the Sea Garden is a perfect choice for any occasion.

Marine Lounge

Set right above the sea set on an elevated level at the resort and dine in a style by the sea. Enjoy the natural beauty of Magna beach in Marine Lounge it blends in with the surrounding beach with panoramic view and provides its guest with an exquisite yet cozy ambiance.

Madyan Multi-Purpose Hall

Madyan Hall is for all occasions, from conferences to intimate meetings or stunning wedding, Our Multi- Purpose Hall is the biggest in the resort, fully air-conditioned and features the latest equipment and facilities, while private outdoor areas are available for gatherings beneath the stars.

The participants of smaller events may have the entire building at their own disposal. after the events, our guests may enjoy relaxation in our resorts faculties you will experience harmony and joy.

Equiopment Available

  • Sound System: Collar, Table, Standard Wireless Microphone
  • Light System
  • DVD and VCD Player
  • Stage and Stand
  • Platform
  • LaserMarker
  • Flipchart
  • White Board
  • TV
  • Telephone
  • Wireless internet.
Swimming Pools.

Our lagoon-shaped main pool is located at the center of the resort and only a few feet away from the beach. Swim or sunbathe and enjoy all sorts of activities at the pool like pillow fights, pool volleyball, scuba and swimming lessons!

Training Classrooms

We made a well setup classrooms where you can learn the basic principles of scuba diving. also we have plenty of visual aids. We also have the chill out area upstairs where you can take your books relax on a sofa and read all about diving while enjoying the views of the ocean.

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