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Magna Beach the Divers Attractions

Thousands of visitors from the kingdom and the world com to Magna every year, especially those interested in fishing and diving trips to enjoy the beauty of marine life under the water. It is fun to dive between turtles and dolphins, enjoy the quiet atmosphere.

Magna Location

Magna is a small city part of Al-Bida’a area in tabuk region on the northwestern cost of Saudi Arabia.

Tabuk Region
Tabuk is a region of Saudi Arabia, located along the north-west coast of the country, facing Egypt across the Red Sea. It has an area of 146,072 km² and a population of 791,595 (2010). Its capital is Tabuk..

History of Tabuk
The history of the Tabuk region dates back to 3,500 years ago. The region is identified with the land of Madyan  The region is traversed by the Hejaz Railway, which was a focus for attacks during the Arab Revolt of 1916/18.

Major areas and cities of Tabuk region
  • Tabuk: Tabouk, is the capital city of Tabuk Region in northwestern Saudi Arabia. It has a population of 534,893.
  • Tayma : It was part of the Emirate of Hail in the past and then became a subsidiary of Tabuk at the present time and away from Tabuk 225 km.
  • Duba: On the Red Sea and away from Tabuk 180 km.
  • Al Wajh: It is located south of Dibba on the Red Sea and is 350 kilometers from Tabuk.
  • Haql: It is located at the top of the Gulf of Aqaba, near the Jordanian city of Aqaba, 17 km away from Aqaba, and Tabuk 250 km.
  • Umluj : It is located on the Red Sea near the city of Yanbu and it’s about 520 km from Tabuk.
  • Al Bada’a: . Al-Bida’a is about 240 km west of Tabuk and 30km east of the Gulf of Aqaba. It is located on the international road in Saudi Arabia, which is connected to Jordan.
Magna in Al Bada’a

Al Bada’a: Its historical name is  Madyan where the effects of the people of our prophet Shu’ayb and characterized . The city of Al Bida’a is characterized by the traces of successive peoples since ancient times. Al-Bida’a is an important historical and archaeological evidence. The innovations are located near the Red Sea,  Al-Bida’a is about 240 km west of Tabuk and 30 km east of the Gulf of Aqaba. It is located on the international road in Saudi Arabia, which is connected to Jordan.

Al-Bida’a area  includes of : Shoaib Caverns, Wadi Tayyib Al Ism,  Ras ِAlsheikh Hamid, Gayal Beach, Magna Beach.

Route map and distances

You can view the route map. Click and zoom on the map to understand the route better and plan better for your trip.

Magna in the Arabic language means
The place that does not hit the sun in winter.
Magna History

It is likely that it was one of the stations of the Prophet Moses peace be upon him out of the Sinai in Egypt, Also Spring of Mosa it exists so far also said about the history of this village that it occurred under the rule of the Greeks and Romans in ancient times.

The beauty of its location

Magana is one of the most promising places in the activity of diving and fishing it is located on the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba and also characterized by beautiful beaches and coral reefs of multicolored and different types of fish’s and its ancient springs which stems from palm trees through openings in the ground.

Magna is in the road of five landmarks of the cultural heritage, civilization and environmental, sites and those what it was known for since the beginning.


Shoaib Caverns


It is a cave carved from rocky destinations and features its facades with ancient decorative elements.

Beer al-Saadani


An old well on the eastern bank of Wadi Afal with a beautiful nature.

Wadi Tayyib Al Ism


It is a valley that crosses the mountains and a forms mountain path between palm trees and one of the best mountain climbing sites.

Ras ِAlsheikh Hamid


It is located on the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba and  famous for its nature and picturesque terrain. It is directly in front of the islands of Tiran and Sanafir.

Gayal Beach

It’s famous for its picturesque sand and the spread of the doum palm trees along its coasts.